Formula Windows Phone 8

DOWNLOAD formula windows phone 8
formula windows phone 8

Formula Windows Phone 8


Windows 8 LOB Formula provides Line Of Business applications based on the Windows 8 architecture and follows the standard style guidelines as recommended by Microsoft. using WinRT, WPF and XAML.

Prerequisites: Radarc for Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2012 Professional, Windows 8


Microsoft Visual Studio provides an integrated editor for ADO.NET Data Models. Stored (in *.edmx files) as XML, this model allows the specification of the application’s structure based in entities, properties and relations. Radarc consumes this model to drive the code generation process. This EDMX model is enhanced with User Interface properties to fine-tune some graphical aspects of the generated application.

DOWNLOAD formula windows phone 8
formula windows phone 8

Launch Formula Pack


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The Launch Formula Pack includes:
– MVC 4 Standalone Formula
– Backend Formula
– WP8 Frontend Formula
– iOS Frontend Formula
– Android Frontend Formula

Solution and project structure

0. DomainModeling.

  • DomainModelling project contains the base model and its corresponding dependences for reading and processing the model. In this formula, the domain model used is an out-of-the-box Microsoft Entity Framework model stored in *.edmx files.

1. Presentation.

  • AppUI is a C# project targeting the new WinRT framework and using the XAML extensions for Windows 8.

2. Services.

  • Services project contains service interfaces and service implementation for CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update and Delete) and query operations (paginated, filtering, search by id, etc.) organized by entity. These services are exposed as Web Services (SOAP) using WCF.

3. Entities.

  • Entities project contains the POCO implementation of the business entities.

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